Geltimer with PTC-3 | 3 Channel

Geltimer with PTC-3 | 3 Channel


Geltimer with PTC-3 | 3 Channel

3 Channel System: Control Unit with Temperature Measurement, incl. Software

The Gelnorm®– Geltimer PTC-3 evaluates all factors which influence the gel time of reaction resins such as type and quantity of hardener, accelerator, inhibitor, filler, pigments, as well as temperature and moisture. The instrument is extremely easy to operate and normally needs no maintenance.

The principle of measurement of Gelnorm®– Geltimer is simple: A stamper made of aluminium or stainless steel performs an up-down cycle in a test tube filled with resin. When the point of gelation is reached, the test tube is pulled up by the stamper. This stops the clock which was started at the beginning of the experiment and the gel time can be read of.

With the probe temperature system the exothermic reaction can be measured. With the optional temperature controller PTT-3 and electric heating Block GT the sample mixture can be heated up and controlled.

Temperature control for the electrical heating block GT

Actual value (Pt100) Range: 0,0 °C ... 250,0 °C, adjustable and calibrated
Accuracy +/- 0,3% of full scale +/- 1 digit
Set value Range: 0,0 °C ... 200,0 °C (on request 250,0 °C)
Resolution 0,1 K
Load output Power max. - resistive load: maximum 600 W

Temperature measurement for the sample

Sensor Thermocouple type K (Ni-CrNi), EN 60 584
Connector Mini connector typ K thermocouples, EN 60 584
Range 0,0 °C … 400,0 °C
Accuracy +/- 1,5°C including cold-junction compensation


Display LCD, 12mm
Start button with status indicator
Stop optical switch
Range up to 99HH: 59MM: 59SS
Accuracy +/- 1 second / 2 hours

DIN 16 945 page 1, DIN 16 919, DIN EN ISO 9396 and DIN EN 14022 method 5