Gelnorm PDET-1

Gelnorm PDET-1


Curing process measurement

The GELNORM®-PDET-1 is a measuring device for the determination of the curing process of two-component resin systems.

The measuring method is based on the de-termination of the electrical conductivity value, a function in which both the electrical resistance and the capacitance of the resin sample play a role. The conductance can be used to make statements about the chemical course of the hardening reaction. At the same time, the sample temperature can be measured.

Temperature range Room temperature up to approx. 200 °C
Operating voltage 230 V / 50 Hz or 115 V / 60 Hz +/- 10 %
Interface USB 2
Measuring sensor Conductance sensor, 160.25 short (L = 55 mm)
Measuring principle Resistance
Measuring range 0 - 100 MOhm

DIN 16945