Gelnorm PVN-1

Gelnorm PVN-1


1 Channel Gelnorm® Geltimer rotating measurement PVN-1

The “GELNORM – PVN-1” equipment consists of a control unit, a stand and a motor driven test rod. The instrument is used to measure Gel Time using two measuring methods based on DIN EN ISO 2535.

The instrument is used to measure the time required for a defined formula material (resin, accelerator, initiator), to reach a viscosity of 50 Pa*s under defined conditions.
A rod made of glass, delrin or aluminium, immersed to a defined depth is rotated in the specimen. The procedure is provided with an automatic release device for the specimen, which is held in a beaker or in a test tube.

  • Rotating measurement with 2 Hz
  • Control unit with USB connection
  • PC software for configuration and measurement
  • Sample temperature measurement
  • Optional electrical heating samples
  • Force measurement and idle calibrated
  • Compact design, easy operation

DIN EN ISO 2535 Methode 1 and 2