Gelnorm MED010

Gelnorm MED010


For establishing the critical Temperature of fibre glass reinforcement Tg

GELNORM - MED 010 is new measuring instrument for establishment of the critical temperature (softening temperature) of fibre glass reinforcement for laminates at the point of loss of stiffness (loss of strength) in bend test specimen as a function of the temperature.

Model Med 010 is the outcome of further development, to provide an extremely economical means for the thermo mechanical analysis similar to the “conventional” examination of the TMA of laminate material. The critical temperature measured is an important parameter which shows good correlation with the TMA established by method B in accordance with DIN EN 61006 – IEC 1006.

Precision Measuring and Regulating Unit

  • Heat regulator with adjustable gradient
  • 1 °C … 10 °C per minute
  • Display of force setting
  • 0,00 N … 50,00 N
  • Measurement input for the measured temperature (in oil)
  • 0,00 °C … 250,00 °C
  • USB interface
  • Power input; 100 … 240 VAC

Stand with linear drive

  • Very sensitive force setting using hand wheel
  • Height setting, 20 mm… 350 mm
  • Bending beam force sensor, 0,00 N … 50,00 N
  • Accuracy, 0,25%
  • With calibration certificate
  • Housing, anodised aluminum
  • Connection, 4 pole plug of the force transducer

DIN EN 61006 – IEC 1006