Vacuum concentrator

  • Vacuum concentrator
  • Rotors
  • Cold trap KF -2 - 60/110

SA Vacuum concentrator

Vacuum concentrator for evaporation, Concentrate, Dry by rotation of the samples under vacuum

For the use in biochemistry, Genetics, Molecular biology, Chemistry, Physiology, Food chemistry, Environmental research and more.

Use for solvents of all kinds and all methods. DNA, RNA, Proteins, Peptide, Amino acids, Hormones, Enzymes, RIA, EIA, FIA, TLC, FPLC, HPLC, OfficeMs, IR, UV, Electrophoresis.

No Simmer-delay, no sudsy, no pushing and therefore no loss of sample material.
Careful and rapid production of the samples.

Sample material (pellet) at the bottom of the sample container.
Concentrated up to drying.
Reduces the volume for the next machining step.

Rotors of all kinds!
From the Mikrotitterplate-rotor to the special production after your sample container.

The rotor chamber exists of high-grade steel, is absolutely thick, optimally protected against corrosion, to clean easily and to decontaminate simply.
The heating is adjustable.

Special rotors - special design

This is only one small choice of our rotors.
Of course we make rotors also after your sample item.

Special rotor RO 40-11

Special rotor RO 40-11 Reaction vessels Eppendorf
Special rotor RO 40-11 Reaction vessels Eppendorf

Microtitre plates-rotor

Microtitre plates-rotor RO-MT6
Microtitre plates-rotor RO-MT6

Special rotor SRO-Falcon/2

Special rotor SRO-Falcon/2 For Falcon-tubes
Special rotor SRO-Falcon/2 For Falcon-tubes

Special rotor SRO-70

Special rotor SRO-70 Reaction
Special rotor SRO-70 Reaction vessels Eppendorf 1,5 / 2,0 ml

Cold trap KF -2 - 60/110

Large Volume, low temperatures freeze dryers and cooling traps for increased drying speed, compact, safer, easier and maintenance free operations and highest protection of the operator, the laboratory environment and vacuum pump
High Performance

The increased volume of 4 Litres and cooling capacity of 2 kg/hour allows faster drying of even larger volumes. The low temperatures down to -110 ºC reduce fast the rest moisture of the product to a minimum and traps fast both small and large amounts of water and all kinds of acids and organic solvents.
Environment friendly

The low temperature and high capacity traps even small amount of acids and organic vapours avoiding damage of the vacuum and membrane pumps and protects the laboratory environment. (The lower temperature and the lower vapour pressure the less vapour will pass the condenser to the pump and the environment).

High Comfort

  • The seamless stainless steel condenser allows easy cleaning and gives long life without any leakage.
  • The drain tap allows fast cleaning, easy operation after each run emptying the condenser in correct ergonomically working height.
  • The low noise construction ensures the best operator comfort.
  • Digital read out with alarm allows unsupervised constant control of the operation with a warning if overloaded or malfunctioned.
  • The compact design is suitable for any laboratory table saving space or may be mounted on a trolley or an electrical elevation stand for compact and ergonomically operation.
  • RS232C for monitering of process also during the night.


  • The low temperature and high capacity protect the vacuum pump saving oil, membranes, breakage and expensive chemical traps.
  • The heavy insulation saves energy.
  • The seamless condenser saves use of breakable glass traps and ensures long life without wet insulation.
  • The step start of the compressors preserves the life time.


  • Vacuum Concentration
  • Freeze-drying
  • Rotary evaporation
  • Vacuum and membrane pump enhancer and environment safety system